new version – 1.1.2

many new features in this version, but here are the main ones.

  • some new automations
  • add user with ally code
  • add ally code to existing ally/enemy
  • del ally code from existing user ally/enemy
  • some design changes in DM 2 hours before payout
    • users/enemies with allycode will be shown with current ingame possition (only users with the same po as you)
  • new icons for enemy, squad, fleet
  • payouts now show, if its squad or fleet shard (Rotbot detects it automatically after adding some allycodes to the users)
  • new function for me to send some info to server owners (i will use it only in bigger updates like this)
  • some bug fixes
  • added Shard type command (,st) for admins to set or temporarily change if its squad or fleet shard
  • and some non mentioned changes.)

This is a bigger update with some changes in db, so if you see any bugs, please send them to #bug-reports channel in

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