new version 1.1.15

this one is bigger, but i will keep it simple.) so apart from a lot of internal changes, here is a changelog.


  • reformated send message | and : for odd and even Payouts
  • corrected missing config.static3 tag
  • removed embed – using send message instead of it
  • removed limit of 25 PO as it is not needed if embed is removed
  • added ,setstyle command to switch between old and new view
  • added help for setstyle
  • added style to server info config (showset)
  • removed italic in send message (it was not nice and not working well on ios, as discord has a bug there)
  • added dmowner , text cmd to send message to specific dm owner (just for me if i need to send some info to specific guild owner)
  • solved 2000 characters limit for discord message (so some servers with a lot of users added will have the po list truncated)


  • added block to enemies to sort it a bit


  • added block for time until next po in PO window
  • added compact view to PO list view

– added check for permissions on create channel
– added check if embed exist in send message
– added check for permissions in creating embed
– changed how the channel is created because the way i did it was depreciated in last discord.js update

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