new version 1.1.19

This version brings a bit redesigned dm with live positions for more users and their last move (up or down). To get users live position shown there, use must have an ally code added. For existing users you can use ,addac <nick>,<ac> command. More features with ally codes are coming soon.)


  • added algorythm to send any added AC (addac, add, fetch) to sniper automatically
  • added function to add new AC from RotBot to sniper (no overwrites)
  • added option to send ACBatch to sniper for guild (,acbatch guildid)
  • added function to batch add/update users in sniper (overwrites enabled)
  • changed delete unused guilds in cron from every minute to once a day (reaction to discord „connection“ problems that are showing last days
  • added live positions with last move to DM
  • moved getting live positions for dm from to a new function that set the info for ig positions from and sniper together
  • some UI changes in dmInfo

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