new version – 2.0.5

so as you may noticed RotBot v2 has been released. First of all i want to thanks to @Beiminator, the real dev that joined RotBot and he was the one who came with the idea to completely rewrite my code. And so we did it. It took a while, but it is done.) RotBot is now faster, less memory hungry and better to maintain. We still have some things to finish and some other features that we want to implement, but it may take some time. And now, some new features were made in this update:

– some ui changes

– no need to write the whole name of user, just part of it is enough in most commands

– added ,today – send info about your payout on demand

– more straightforward logic when setting shard type and adding users

– option to disable rotations with ,setrotation

– some commands can be run with ally code instead of nick

– automatic link to profile for users that were added with ally code and have their profile (try ,showme)

– admins and operators can now be added by discord roles and it is the preffered way

– some informations that were send only to the server owner are now send to all admins

– and some more, but i do not remember all the stuff, todo list is too long to fit in the discord limit here.) So we hope you will like the new RotBot

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