new version – 2.0.5

so as you may noticed RotBot v2 has been released. First of all i want to thanks to @Beiminator, the real dev that joined RotBot and he was the one who came with the idea to completely rewrite my code. And so we did it. It took a while, but it is done.) RotBot is now faster, less memory hungry and better to maintain. We still have some things to finish and some other features that we want to implement, but it may take some time. And now, some new features were made in this update:

– some ui changes

– no need to write the whole name of user, just part of it is enough in most commands

– added ,today – send info about your payout on demand

– more straightforward logic when setting shard type and adding users

– option to disable rotations with ,setrotation

– some commands can be run with ally code instead of nick

– automatic link to profile for users that were added with ally code and have their profile (try ,showme)

– admins and operators can now be added by discord roles and it is the preffered way

– some informations that were send only to the server owner are now send to all admins

– and some more, but i do not remember all the stuff, todo list is too long to fit in the discord limit here.) So we hope you will like the new RotBot

New version – 1.2.1

This version includes many bugfixes from previous versions and it brings:

– Automatic updates of users po times and nicknames once a day (user have to have ally code added)

– new commands ,setupdatepo and ,setupdatenicks

– removed ,updatenicks as it is not used often

– added logic to simulate rotation if rotbot was online during po time

– added guild owner notification of simulated rotations

– added guild owner notification of updated po times and changed nicknames

new version 1.1.19

This version brings a bit redesigned dm with live positions for more users and their last move (up or down). To get users live position shown there, use must have an ally code added. For existing users you can use ,addac <nick>,<ac> command. More features with ally codes are coming soon.)


  • added algorythm to send any added AC (addac, add, fetch) to sniper automatically
  • added function to add new AC from RotBot to sniper (no overwrites)
  • added option to send ACBatch to sniper for guild (,acbatch guildid)
  • added function to batch add/update users in sniper (overwrites enabled)
  • changed delete unused guilds in cron from every minute to once a day (reaction to discord „connection“ problems that are showing last days
  • added live positions with last move to DM
  • moved getting live positions for dm from to a new function that set the info for ig positions from and sniper together
  • some UI changes in dmInfo

new version 1.1.15

this one is bigger, but i will keep it simple.) so apart from a lot of internal changes, here is a changelog.


  • reformated send message | and : for odd and even Payouts
  • corrected missing config.static3 tag
  • removed embed – using send message instead of it
  • removed limit of 25 PO as it is not needed if embed is removed
  • added ,setstyle command to switch between old and new view
  • added help for setstyle
  • added style to server info config (showset)
  • removed italic in send message (it was not nice and not working well on ios, as discord has a bug there)
  • added dmowner , text cmd to send message to specific dm owner (just for me if i need to send some info to specific guild owner)
  • solved 2000 characters limit for discord message (so some servers with a lot of users added will have the po list truncated)


  • added block to enemies to sort it a bit


  • added block for time until next po in PO window
  • added compact view to PO list view

– added check for permissions on create channel
– added check if embed exist in send message
– added check for permissions in creating embed
– changed how the channel is created because the way i did it was depreciated in last discord.js update

new version – 1.1.7

  • Direct messages before payout
    • now you can set when the dm is send and how many payouts around you are displayed in your server
    • ,setdmstart <hours> – Set when to send dm (in hours before PO)
    • ,setdmcount <hours> – Set how many payouts around you will be send in dm
  • Some bug fixes mostly related to fetching info by ally code

new version – 1.1.2

many new features in this version, but here are the main ones.

  • some new automations
  • add user with ally code
  • add ally code to existing ally/enemy
  • del ally code from existing user ally/enemy
  • some design changes in DM 2 hours before payout
    • users/enemies with allycode will be shown with current ingame possition (only users with the same po as you)
  • new icons for enemy, squad, fleet
  • payouts now show, if its squad or fleet shard (Rotbot detects it automatically after adding some allycodes to the users)
  • new function for me to send some info to server owners (i will use it only in bigger updates like this)
  • some bug fixes
  • added Shard type command (,st) for admins to set or temporarily change if its squad or fleet shard
  • and some non mentioned changes.)

This is a bigger update with some changes in db, so if you see any bugs, please send them to #bug-reports channel in

new version – 1.1.0

  • added possibility to automatically add enemy after ,fetch command (for ops and admins) by selecting ship or squad emoji
  • added an option to directly add an enemy by ,addenemy
  • added help for ,addenemy
  • user already added warning – displaying in the channel instead of dm
  • some text changes about adding enemy directly