To add any chat member to command, use @ in any channel (not in DM) and select user from the drop down menu

Guild owner help
,addadmin <nick> | Add admin
,deladmin <nick> | Delete admin

Admin help
,layout <number> | Set layout for the payout list in the guild
,reverse | Toggle between Natural and Reversed list order
,addop <nick> | Add operator
,delop <nick> | Delete operator
,setdmstart <hours> | Set when to send dm (in hours before PO)
,setdmcount <hours> | Set how many payouts around you will be send in dm
,st | Toggle shard type (squad/fleet)
,sniper | Toggle on/off IPD integration (live positions)
,sallowpn | Allow/forbid users to enable Sniper Personal Notifications
,senemies | Enable/Disable filtering only enemies in sniper-rb
,slist | Toggle on/off showing live positions in payout list
,sch | Change sniper channel to current channel
,sealert | Set the type of enemy alert for the server if the sniper is on (Enter top/Enter or Move in Top/Disabled
,sealerttrigger <position> | Set the position which triggers the enemy alert feature
,slayout <code> | Set the layout of the message in sniper channel with the desired format
,spicon <code> | Set the payout icon used for the sniper message
,scicon <code> | Set the climb icon used for the sniper message
,sdicon <code> | Set the drop icon used for the sniper message
,forcedothelp | Toggle force update
,setupdatenicks | Toggle on/off ingame nicks updates once a day
,setupdatepo | Toggle on/off ingame PO times updates once a day
,setrotation | Disable/enable showing users rotation
,rolescreate | Create roles to manage Admins and Operators of RotBot
,showadmins | Show all admins
,setflags | Disable/Enable showing flags
,showset | Show this guild settings and basic statistics
,setchannel <#targetchannel> | set the refresh list channel to be the <#targetchannel>. Also make a permissions check first

Op help
,add <nick>,<PO time> | Add user
,add <nick>,<ally code> | Add user
,addenemy <nick>,<PO time> | Add enemy
,addenemy <ally code> | Add enemy
,del <nick> | Delete user
,del <ally code> | Delete user by ally code
,dm <nick> | Toggle sending DM (on/off) before PO to selected user
,show | Show all users
,showme <nick> | Show info of selected user
,shift <PO time> | Manually rotate positions in PO window
,sort <PO time> | Sort rotating users
,sort <PO time>,static | Sort static users
,rot <PO time>,<day> | Change between daily and weekly rotation in PO window, for weekly rotations use name of the day, to rotate everyday use daily
,showrot | Show all po windows with its rotation type
,local <nick> | Toggle between UTC and Local timezone for some messages for selected user
,missingusers | Show commands to add users to production db (users that were added to backup db)
,static <nick> | Toggle static rotation of selected user
,enemy <nick> | Toggle enemy status (yes/no) of selected user
,updatepo <nick> | Update payout time for selected user from game
,changepo <nick>,<PO time> | Change PO window of selected user
,changenick <nick>,<newnickname> | Set user’s nickname to newnickname
,changeid <nick>,<new @discord id> | Change / add @discord ID of selected user
,addac <nick>,<ally code> | Add ally code to selected user
,delac <nick> | Delete ally code
,delac <ally code> | Delete ally code
,addcity <nick>,<city> | Add flag and timezone by city to selected user (use "friend" instead of city for allies not in shard)
,delcity <nick> | Delete flag and timezone from selected user
,delflag <nick> | Delete flag from selected user
,deltimezone <nick> | Delete timezone from selected user
,checkrights | Check if rotbot have needed rights in current channel and in channel with PO list
,ghosts <number> | show all users with position below "number " with an option to delete them

User help
,when | Show when is your PO
,when <nick> | Show when is PO of selected user
,today | Show info for your today PO
,dm | Toggle sending dm (on/off) before PO
,spn | Set the type of your personal notification (DM) if the sniper is on (Drop/Drop or Climb/Disabled)
,jump <position> | Show your max jumps from position you specify
,local | Toggle between UTC and Local timezone for some messages
,updatepo | Update payout time from game
,changepo <PO time> | Change your PO window
,addac <ally code> | Add ally code
,delac | Delete ally code
,addcity <city> | Add flag and timezone by city
,delcity | Delete flag and timezone
,deltimezone | Delete timezone
,delflag | Delete flag
,showme | Show your info
,showops | Show all operators
,fetch <ally code> | Show current ingame info for user
,fetch <user> | Show current ingame info for user (if added with allycode)
,list | Receive an alphabetically sorted user list in DM

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