Bot is not updating automatically

  • Check RotBot discord server first to see, if there is not any service outage
  • Use ,checkrights command to find out, if permissions are set correctly
  • Ask us in RotBot discord server, we will try to reply ASAP

I don’t want user rotation at all, is there a way to disable it?

  • Yes, it is simple, just use ,setrotation to turn it off/on

Users are added with ally code, how often do they get their nicks and payouts updated?

  • Nicks and payouts are updated twice a day at the moment, admins and server owner will get notification, if something is updated. They can also update specific user manually by ,updatepo command.

Can I receive informations about my payout automatically?

  • Yes, every user can opt in to receive a direct message everyday before his payout according to the server settings

We are receiving notification(s) from payouts-rb channel from time to time, why?

  • This is because we need to send 2 and more messages sometimes (instead of edit them), when we reach discord message character limit.
  • We are not able to set default notification settings in the channel (again Discord API), so users have to change it themselves

We have received message to fix rights in the payouts-rb channel, how?

  • Easiest way is to
    • Kick RotBot
    • delete payouts-rb channel
    • invite RotBot back and DO NOT change suggested permissions
  • everything is stored in the db, so you should not lose anything

I see „Reaction Error: Missing Permissions“ after I wrote a command, what’s wrong?

  • RotBot is missing right to embed links in the channel you write the command, ask any admin to add it there (before they do it, you can send that command via DM)

I Installed RotBot in my server but I am not the owner of the server, how do I start?

  • Create a discord role named „rbadmin“ (case sensitive and without „) and assign it to you. Then you have the same rights as the server owner, try ,help to see what can you do.

I am getting syntax error when trying to se shard type

  • use only ,st – it is a toggle, so it will switch between squad and fleet (do not use ,st squad or ,st fleet, that will not work)

Is it possible to run two separate RotBot list in one discord server, one for fleet and one for squad?

  • Sorry, this is not possible in the way RotBot db is created. We use discord server id as an unique id and there are no plans to code this feature. It is much easier to set up a new server…

Is it possible to change the default command prefix from , to another, because I run another bot with the same prefix?

  • No, that is not possible at the moment, but there is a workaround. Setup the channel only for RotBot commands and another for the second bot. Override discord permissions for the bots, so other bot can not read message in RotBot commands channel and RotBot can not read messages in the other bot command channel