From RotBot version 5.0.0 you can use your ipd tracker together with RotBot.

What would you get?

  • always updated json according to RotBot, so you only need to add users and enemies with ally code to RotBot
  • RotBot also shouts opposite users, so in one line you can see who moved through who witch an option to select the best layout for your needs
  • notifications about enemies moving into top positions
  • personal user notifications on drop or on any move
  • users positions with last move direction displayed in payouts-rb and direct messages before payout
  • show users in your next max jump with their time to po, refreshed by clicking emoji
  • C3 can watch a user around you and notify you after he move, you can ask him to move by clicking the emojis and he can reply to you by clicking another emoji as well
  • stats about top enemy hitters, top moves done etc.
  • Nick & PO updates are done much more often than twice a day:)
  • moves in the channel can be filtered to show only moves with enemies
  • custom climb, drop and time to po icons
  • different layouts for sniper messages
  • and much more still under development…

How does it work?

  • just type /xset sniper switch in any channel (except payouts-rb) and you will get info what to do
  • basically you must create a discord webhook, set this webhook in ipd, give RotBot rights to read messages in the channel you shout ipd messages (other users don’t need to have access there). We will provide a link to json, that you must put into the ipd setup. Do not set custom ipd messages, or it will not work…
  • RotBot will also create a discord channel – sniper-rb, where you will see all user movements.

How to setup ipd?

There is a pretty nice how to on ipd web.

“if Beiminator can do it, you won’t be able to fail it.”